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Rosetta Stone Multi-Language Program--The Fastest Way to Learn a Language

You Can Learn A New Language by means of tapping your innate language-learning ability.

It really is possible to learn a new language—if you can tap your innate language-learning ability. And that’s exactly what Rosetta Stone does.

Rosetta Stone is the #1 language-learning software in the world, used successfully by millions of people in 150 countries. It’s been adopted by government agencies and corporations—including Deutsche Telekom, IBM, and Lockheed Martin—and thousands of schools and universities around the world. With Rosetta Stone, learning a new language is easier than you ever imagined.

The Natural Way to Learn
Rosetta Stone’s award-winning Dynamic Immersion™ method taps the reasoning and language skills you used to master your native language. Rosetta Stone immerses you completely in your new language so you’ll learn quickly and retain what you learn provides constant feedback so you’ll feel confident in your ability to speak, listen, write, and read your new language accurately.

Languages included:

Arabic Level I
Arabic Level II
Chinese(Mandarin) Level I
Chinese(Mandarin) Level II
Danish level I
Dutch Level I
Dutch Level II
German Level I
German Level II

English(UK) Level I
English(UK) Level II
English(US) Level I
English(US) Level II
French Level I
French Level II
Greek Level I
Greek Level II
Hebrew Level I
Hindi Level I
Indonesian Level I
Italian Level I
Italian Level II
Japanese Level I
Japanese Level II
Korean Level I
Latin Level I
Polish Level I
Portuguese(Brazil) Level I
Portuguese(Brazil) Level II
Russian Level I
Russian Level II
Spanish(Latin) Level I
Spanish(Latin) Level II
Spanish(Spain) Level I
Spanish(Spain) Level II
Swahili  Level I
Swedish Level I
Thai Level I
Turkish Level I
Vietnamese Level I
Welsh Level I

Plus added BONUS 15 languages from EuroTalk Now!

The Talk Now! series from EuroTalk Interactive is designed for people who want to learn a language quickly. If you don't have time to become fluent, but need the basics in a hurry, Talk Now! is for you.  



Let's take a quick look at what you would be getting:

Version 2 for ALL 27 languages listed above PLUS 15 languages from EuroTalk Now

You would have level 1 for all 27 languages and level 2 for 14 of the 27 languages (ALL ON 1 DISC) for a total of 41 levels


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This is a copy of the Corporate Master DVD v2 Release from Rosetta Stone.  The Corporate software has no serial #'s or License, so it requires no activation and has no rules to how many times you can install use or get rid of the software.

XP & Vista Compatible Only!!

Rosetta Stone Multilanguage DVD v2
Rosetta Stone language learning success!